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• The article discusses the importance of the global campaign launched by World Environment Day in 2020.
• It focuses on how the pandemic has amplified environmental issues and how people can make a difference with their daily actions.
• The campaign encourages citizens to take action and join forces to protect nature and fight climate change.


This article focuses on the global campaign launched by World Environment Day in 2020 in order to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage citizens to take action. With this initiative, they hope to bring together individuals from all over the world to join forces against climate change and protect nature.

The Impact of COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an immense impact on the environment, as people have been encouraged to stay home and avoid travel or tourism which have greatly reduced emissions. This has created an opportunity for governments, businesses, communities, individuals and other stakeholders to rethink their lifestyle choices in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

World Environment Day Campaign

The World Environment Day 2020 campaign aims at inspiring people worldwide to come together and take action for nature conservation while also fighting climate change. It encourages citizens from all around the world to make small changes in their daily lives such as reducing waste, eating less meat, using public transport instead of private cars or shopping more sustainably.

Engage People Everywhere

In order to engage more people in this global effort, a number of activities have been planned such as online conferences, seminars, workshops and competitions that will help educate participants about sustainability practices that can be implemented into their daily lives. Additionally, virtual campaigns on social media are being used to spread awareness about these initiatives globally so that everyone is informed about them.


Overall, World Environment Day is an important initiative that encourages individuals from all around the world to join forces against climate change and protect nature through small yet impactful actions taken every day. By engaging everyone into this effort we can create real lasting solutions for our planet’s future health.