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• The article discusses how the “Year of the Tiger” is celebrated by people in China.
• Chinese people will dress up in traditional clothing, display decorations, and prepare special dishes for the occasion.
• They also partake in a variety of activities such as dragon dancing and firecrackers to bring good luck.

The Year of the Tiger

The Chinese zodiac’s twelfth animal is the tiger, which is associated with excellent leadership qualities, bravery and strength. Each year, many cities in China celebrate this motif through an array of festivities surrounding the „Year of the Tiger“.

Dressing Up

People usually don traditional costumes to commemorate this annual event – men wear bright red jackets while women sport cheongsam dresses. These garments are believed to bring good fortune and prosperity for those who wear them during this festive period.

Decorations & Dishes

Many homes also have decorations that depict tigers on their walls or door frames as a symbol of protection against evil spirits. A variety of dishes are prepared to enjoy over dinner – these include sweet rice balls, dumplings filled with sweet bean paste or lotus seed paste, and steamed buns shaped like tigers.


The celebration includes various activities such as dragon dancing and setting off firecrackers – these demonstrate respect towards gods in Heaven who will grant blessings upon those who participate. Other activities involve carrying lanterns around town or praying at temples dedicated to deities related to tigers.


In conclusion, it is evident that there are many ways for people to celebrate the Year of the Tiger in China – from wearing traditional clothing and displaying decorations to partaking activities like firecrackers and praying at temples dedicated to deities related to tigers.